Item model number: TZE221

  • Compatible with PTD200/ PTD210/ PTD210BK/ PTE100/ PTH100/ PT128AF/ PT200/ PT1000/ PT1010/PT1090/ PT1090BK/ PT1100/ PT1100sb/ PT1120/ PT1130/PT1160/ PT1170s/ PT1180/ PT1190/ PT1200/ PT1230PC/ PT1280/ PT1290/ PT6100/ PT7100/ ST1150/ ST1150dx/PTD400/ PTD400AD/ PTD400VP/ PTD450/ PTE300/ PTH300/ PTH300LI/PT18R/ PT300/ PT310/ PT320/ PT340/ PT1300/ PT1700/ PT1750/ PT1760/PT1800/ PT1810/ PT1830/ PT1880/ PT1900/ PT1910/ PT1950/ PT1960/PT2030/ PT2030AD/ PT2030VP/ PT2100/ PT2110/ ST5/PTD600/ PTE500/ PTE550W/ PTH500LI/ PTP700/ PTP750W/ PT330/ PT350/ PT520/ PT540/PT580c/ PT1400/ PT1500pc/ PT1600/ PT1650/ PT2200/ PT2210/ PT2300/ PT2310/ PT2400/PT2410/ PT2430PC/ PT2500pc/ PT2600/ PT2610/ PT2700/ PT2710/ PT2730/ PT2730VP/PT7500/ PT7600/PT530/ PT550/ PT3600/ PT9200pc/ PT9200dx/ PT9400/ PT9500pc/ PT9600/ PT9700PC/ PT9800PCN
  • Black print on white background
  • 9mm wide with adhesive backing
  • Tape length: 8m long
  • Perfect for organizing the home or the office
  • For use with: PT200/ 300/ 310/ 320/ 330/ 520/ 530/ 1000/ 1180/ 1200/ 1200S/ 1250/ 1010/ 1090/ 1280/ 1290/ 1400/ 1230PC/ 1500PC/ 2430PC/ 1650/ 7600/ 1700/ 1750/
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