Kanto S2 Desktop Speaker Stands for Small Speakers

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Color: Black

Desktop Speaker Stands

S2 speaker stands are the perfect addition to your desktop speaker setup.  With 16° of vertical tilt, the S2 stand ensures that you experience the full range of frequencies that your speakers have to offer. Constructed out of aluminum, these solid stands include multiple areas of foam padding that not only provide adequate grip, but also help to reduce vibration when you have your speakers cranked up.

  • IMPROVED SOUND - S2 speakers stands let you get the most out of your speakers by tilting them 16° toward your ears, ensuring you never miss out on those higher frequencies.
  • REDUCED VIBRATION - Foam padding on the top and bottom of each stand helps to maintain stability and reduce undesirable resonance.
  • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN - Using as little material as necessary, S2’s low-profile design keeps your desktop looking clean.
  • SOLID METAL CONSTRUCTION - Choose between a variety of durable metals and alloys to fit your style.
  • THE PERFECT COMPANION - S2 stands measure 3.9'' wide by 5.9'' deep and are capable of holding 6 lb each. Use them with YU2 Powered Desktop Speakers or similarly sized speakers.
Color: Black