Kanto PF300 Fixed Flat Panel TV Mount for 32-inch to 90-inch TVs

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Size: 32 to 90 Inch TVs
  • EXTRA WIDE WALL PLATE - Accommodates 16" and 24" stud spacing
  • POST-INSTALLATION LEVELING - Use the provided 6" extension bit to access the leveling screws after your TV has been mounted
  • LOCKABLE ARMS - Torx screws can be tightened using the provided key to prevent your TV from being removed
  • QUICK RELEASE CORDS - When unlocked, removing your TV is as easy as pulling on two quick-release cords
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN - The PF300’s slim mounting brackets allow your TV to sit 1.4" from the wall
Size: 32 to 90 Inch TVs