STARTECH.COM USB-C to DisplayPort Multi Monitor Adapter - USB Type-C 2-Port MST Hub - USB C to 2X DP Splitter - USB Type C to DP MST Hub (MSTCDP122DP)

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Item model number: MSTCDP122DP

  • Use this adapter to connect two independent displays to a single USB Type-C port
  • Works with USB-C devices with DP alt mode like Dell Precision and Dell XPS
  • MacOS does not support MST technology. When this product is used with MacOS you will get 3 mirrored displays rather than 3 independent displays
  • USB-C to DisplayPort multi monitor Hub / USB Type C to DisplayPort splitter / USB C daisy chain hub / Video splitter / Multi stream hub / USB-C MST Hub / MST adapter
  • Increase your productivity by docking your USB Type-C computer with a multi monitor workstation