Grandview 100" Diagonal Pull Up Projector Screen, 4:3 (CB-UX100)

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Product Details
  • Self-supporting projector arms
  • 4:3 standard format
  • Exclusive patented technology
The self-supported arms of  Grandview's CB-UX 100 Portable Cyber X-Press Manual 100" Pull-Up Screen are specially designed to sustain pressure from any angle, thus allowing any screen position. It also allows the screen to retract slowly and safely with the push of a button at the handle base.

Grandview's Cyber X-Press Series is a similar screen to product of other brands, but due to the difference in the design of the self-support arms, Grandview’s portable screens have an extra important safety feature absent from other brands.

Product features:
- The lightest compare with similar products.
- Single button locking mechanism easy to carry and operate, fully pull up only in 3 seconds. This allows for easy set-up and transportation.
- The self-supported arms allow any screen position to be set.
- Intelligent Interlock - The design of the intelligent interlock ensures that the screen is fully secured during use and transportation. When the support bar is lifted, the case is automatically unlocked allowing the screen to be pulled up. When the screen is retracted back in the casing and the support bar is down, the case will automatically be locked. This innovative safety feature is easy to use and standard for all sizes.
- Hang with lock structure - The top cap with handle is a hang with lock structure, the screen can be easily pulled up and taken down with it, as a hanging part set close to the support bar while pulling up, will be locked with the casing as the screen has been taken back.

Grandview's X-press series pull-up screen uses a patented technology that allows it to be set up and taken down with minimal time and effort.
Image Area Diagonal Length 100 in
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Weight 8 kg
Warranty Parts 1 Year(s)