BEACN Mix Create (Light) - USB C Windows Audio Mixer with 5 Display, 4 Button knob Paging, Audio Routing, Submixes, and Mute Modes for Content Creators, Streaming, Gaming, Twitch, YouTube, Podcasting

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Finally, creators can have all of their favorite features right at the tip of their fingers–no matter what audio setup they are using.

Knob Paging lets you have more than 4 sources for you to control and our advanced routing makes it easy to send audio wherever you want, whenever you want.

Submixes, Finally.

  • Comprehensive sound mixer controls volume levels of any audio sources: applications, microphones, streaming equipment, headsets, or audio interface
  • Full color 5 screen with customizable elements shows which apps or hardware you are controlling at a glance
  • Smooth push-button encoders allow precise volume control and quick muting, letting you focus on your audience, game or content creation
  • Submixes let you and your audience hear different levels or audio sources. Quickly check your stream mix with a dedicated submix button
  • Easy audio routing table gives you complete control of where your audio goes, headphones, chat applications or live stream


A mix for you. A mix for your stream.
Seamless switching. Infinite control. BEACN Mix Create lets you manage two unique mixes so the audio is perfect for everyone. Simply press the submix button to listen to and adjust your stream and press it again to switch back. 

Powerful Routing
Our Routing Table combined with Mute Modes gives you precise control over where your audio is going. The Routing Table expands and contracts based on how many sources you have assigned.


System Requirement Windows 10 or later- 4GB RAM- Built-in USB 2.0 port
Connectivity USB C Bluetooth No
Designed For Gaming Yes Software Included Includes free BEACN app download
Width 17.53 cm Height 9 cm
Depth 10 cm Weight 0.50 kg
LED Lights
Mute Buttons x4Knob Paging x2Submix x1
RGB Lighting Yes
manufacturerWarranty 2 years