Adesso 2.4GHz Tru-Form Wireless Media Ergonomic Trackball keyboard with 20 windo (WKB-3500UB)

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Item model number: WKB-3500UB

  • Wireless Technology - Works up to 30 feet of wireless distance. Operates on 12 different channels, each with 65,536 different IDs.
  • Built-in Trackball with Optical Sensor - Tracks accurately and precisely with less muscle movement for maximum comfort.
  • Ergonomic Contour Design - Minimizes forearm muscles from twisting and pains from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Integrated Palm Rest - Keeps your wrists in the most comfortable position.
  • Split Key Design - Encourages natural position of hands, wrists and forearms for maximum comfort.
  • Full Size Desktop - Provides a better typingh experience.
  • Membrane Switch - 5 Million keystroke lifecycle for a quiet and fast typing experience.