• TRUE BASS REPRODUCTION - Pumping out 250W of total peak power, sub8's sealed box design provides detailed bass response while ensuring your favorite songs and soundtracks are perfectly balanced.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Achieve powerful bass extension while taking up minimal space. Measuring 11.9" tall, sub8 fits wherever you need it.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION - Every space is different. Precise dials for volume and cut-off frequency offer exacting, responsive control that let you shape your bass to fit the unique characteristics of your room.
  • REDUCED VIBRATION - sub8’s acoustic MDF enclosure is engineered to reduce undesired resonance and reverberation inside the cabinet, providing clean, uncolored sound. Solid rubber feet also help to isolate the housing from the surrounding area.
  • PROTECTIVE GRILLE - A specially designed grille protects the 8" paper cone driver from impact and dust while allowing sound to travel through with minimal diffraction.

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