Item model number:   LYW-5

  • High Quality Aluminum Case 
  • Shake Lightly to Charge
  • Minor Shaking technology 1.0
  • Bright & Efficient
  • USB 2.0 to Charge
  • Environmental Friendly
  • 0.3w - 0.5w LED Light Bulb

Charge with USB
LYW-5 comes with a USB cable which allow you to charge the flashlight. 

Charge with Shaking
This self-charged flashlight is made by advanced technology. It requires neither an external charger nor any portable battery. It is highly environmental friendly. This product is equipped with an electricity generator inside of the flashlight. It automatically generates electricity when moving or shaking.  LYW-5 can be efficiently charged with Minor Shaking technology 1.0 which is our company's patent to create technology that generate power through minor shaking. 

What is Minor Shaking Technology 1.0?
Minor shaking 1.0 is the movement in which you gently move the flashlight in a up and down motion. Each small shake creates a large amount of power. Instead shaking the flashlight with large amounts of energy to create a little bit of power, minor shaking 1.0 enables you to efficiently generate large quantities of power compared to other flashlights. Different from regular flashlights, minor shaking 1.0 is simple, efficient and tireless. It saves you time and energy. 


Charge Cable Yes Flashlight 1 pc(s)
Minor Shaking technology 1.0 Yes Case Material Aluminum
Colour of Product Black LED Watt 0.3W - 0.5W
Weight & dimensions
Height 90 mm Width 110 mm
Depth 260 mm Package Weight 890 g
Weight 570 g


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