BitFenix Spectre Pro RGB LED Case Fan

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Size: 120mm
Type: With Controller

The Spectre™ Pro RGB is the latest addition to the Spectre™ fan series. As a direct successor of the Spectre™ Pro, the RGB version is based on the same technology, thus providing the efficiency and durability of its predecessor. Carrying on the BitFenix spirit, it provides utmost versatility and flexibility with availability in four sizes, reaching from 120mm up to 230mm fans. Featuring the TriBright™ LED Technology, the Spectre™ Pro RGB is ASUS AURA SYNC Ready and compatible with other BitFenix RGB products.


TriBright™ LED Technology
The Spectre™ Pro RGB Fan Series features the TriBright™ LED Technology known from our Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic RGB Strips, thus offering higher color saturation, increased brightness and a longer life. Further, the light is more evenly scattered, casting softer shadows, increasing the overall illumination effect.
The Spectre™ Pro RGB was developed in close cooperation with ASUS, thus making it ASUS AURA SYNC ready. Being based on the same technology as other static BitFenix RGB products, such as the cases Aurora and Shogun as well as the Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic RGB Strip, it perfectly matches each other while being controlled by the ASUS Aura software, but also makes it compatible to each of BitFenix’ RGB controller.
Reinforced Fan Blades with centered LED lighting
High rotation speeds can actually warp fan blades while in motion, resulting in more turbulence and noise. Spectre™ Pro RGB features reinforced fan blades that resist warping even when spinning at high speeds for maximum cooling performance. The LEDs of the Spectre™ Pro RGB are located at the core of the fan, providing bright illumination throughout the fan blades and the frame.
High Pressure / CFM Design
Engineered for maximum pressure and airflow, Spectre™ Pro RGB delivers a torrent of air that will keep your system cool even when the action heats up. Performance freaks and water cooling enthusiasts are going to love Spectre™ Pro RGB.
Focused airflow
All the airflow in the world won't do you any good if it can't reach your system's hotspots. The special curved design of Spectre™ Pro RGB fan blades and cage directs airflow in a focused column, minimizing diffusion and allowing cool air to reach your components.
Silent Operation and Long Life
Like our Spectre™ Silent Fan Series, our Spectre™ Pro RGB features the very same fluid dynamic bearing technology for minimum noise and maximum operating life.
Model Part Number UPC
Spectre™ Pro RGB 120mm BFF-SRGB-12025N-RP 886027015322
Spectre™ Pro RQB 120mm W/Controller BFF-SRGB-12025C-RP 886027015339
Spectre™ Pro RGB 140mm BFF-SRGB-14025N-RP 886027015346
Spectre™ Pro RGB 140mm W/Controller BFF-SRGB-14025C-RP 886027015353
Spectre™ Pro RGB 200mm BFF-SRGB-20025N-RP 886027015360
Spectre™ Pro RGB 200mm W/Controller BFF-SRGB-20025C-RP 886027015377
Spectre™ Pro RGB 230mm BFF-SRGB-23025N-RP 886027015384
Spectre™ Pro RGB 230mm W/Controller BFF-SRGB-23025C RP 886027015391
Spectre Pro™ RGB
Materials PC & PBT
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Starting Voltage 5VDC
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FOB)
120mm 140mm 200mm 230mm
Dimensions (mm) 120x120x25mm 140x140x25mm 200x200x25mm 230 x200x30mm
Current (A) 0.4A±10% 0.45A±10% 0.55A±10% 0.60A±10%
Speed (RPM) 1200 RPM ±10% 1200 RPM ±10% 900 RPM ±10% 900 RPM ±10%
Air Flow (CFM) 56.22 CFM ±10% 86.73 CFM ±10% 148.72 CFM ±10% 156.72 CFM ±10%
Air Pressure (mmH20) 1.24mmH20 1.38mmH20 1.26mmH20 1.81 mmH20
Noise (dB-A) 18.9 dB(A) 22.8 dB(A) 27.5 dB(A) 25.6 dB(A)
Size: 120mm
Type: With Controller