BEACN Mix (Dark) - USB C Windows Audio Controller with a Beautiful 5 Color Display and 4 Smooth Push-Button encoders for Streaming, Gaming, Podcasting, and Work from Home Applications

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Controlling audio, especially during live streams, gaming or video calls can be difficult and distracting. BEACN Mix allows you to easily and directly control audio sources on the fly. Games, music, system sounds, video calls, browsers, headsets, audio interfaces and microphones can be easily added to a BEACN Mix knob via drag and drop in our app. There's no need for complex studio equipment, just plug in BEACN Mix, download the application and you're done!
  • Windows audio mixer allows you to directly control volume levels of any audio source: software application, microphone, headset, audio interface, or other streaming equipment
  • Smooth push-button encoders allow precise volume control and quick muting of any application or hardware device
  • Full color 5 screen with customizable elements shows which apps or hardware you are controlling at a glance
  • Custom BEACN application (free download) lets you drag and drop audio sources to knobs in seconds. Applications are saved to knobs for future use
  • Quickly swap between two Personal Listening Device outputs like speakers and headphones. Switch from gaming to watching a movie or working with one button


Colour Dark System Requirement Windows 10 or later- 4GB RAM- Built-in USB 2.0 port
Connectivity USB C Bluetooth No
Designed For Gaming Yes Software Included Includes free BEACN app download
Width 13 cm Height 9 cm
Depth 10 cm Weight 0.45 kg
manufacturerWarranty 2 years